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Personal Shopper in Rome

Choose your personal shopper and image consultant in Rome and discover the best boutiques!

In addition to being an international capital of culture, Rome is also an exceptional shopping destination. Proclaimed as Fendi’s city by fashionistas, Rome's stylishness can be found in the old alleyways and in the heart of the historic center. When shopping in Rome, a personal shopper can help you find the best shops, saving time, optimizing your budget and discovering places you would have never found on your own. Our personal shoppers are local and knowledgeable in all aspects of shopping in the Eternal City – from luxury boutiques to vintage stores.

All of our personal shoppers are also image consultants and are trained by us to provide impeccable and unforgettable shopping experiences. Besides providing shopping advice, they'll give you styling tips specific to your body shape and skin tone that will be useful forever when shopping and choosing what to wear.

You can choose a personal shopper by clicking on their profile and reading about their style and experience – or simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll match you with the personal shopper we’ll think will be the best fit!

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