Made-in-Italy Shopping in Rome: G.A.N. Studio

April 17, 2018

Made-in-Italy Shopping in Rome: G.A.N. Studio

On Via di Monserrato, 112, in Rome, just a few steps away from Campo de’ Fiori, immersed in Roman history and culture, we find G.A.N. Made in Italy.

G.A.N. is not just an atelier. It’s a design studio born out of two women’s common passion for craftsmanship and their great creativity. Gaia Fredella and Federica Ducoli also share a talent for creating beautifully tailored clothing and high care for details.

G.A.N. was created in 2013 with the objective of keeping the Italian fashion tradition alive, creating the highest quality contemporary clothing, with truly unique pieces.

For the production part, Gaia and Federica hire local artisans with decades of experience. This allows the two designers to dedicate themselves fully to the creative side of things.

Besides designing the clothes, Gaia and Federica also create the prints for all their fabrics, which are the true standout elements of their collections.

G.A.N. Made in Italy ZazieLab Collection
A shirt from the collection G.A.N. made in collaboration with Zazielab.

To support italian fashion at 360 degrees, also the fabrics chosen to create G.A.N.’s collections are Made in Italy and of natural fibres.

Gaia and Federica’s collections are inspired by a woman who likes to wear unique, elegant and timeless pieces. That’s why each item is entirely handmade and evokes effortlessness and ease.

G.A.N. Made in Italy Unique collection
A shirt from G.A.N.'s Unique collection.

Go find them for some unique, handmade pieces, or include the atelier in your next shopping experience with an expert personal shopper who will help you choose the best items for your style and body shape!

- Jessica Lodigiani

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