Meet Behno: The Luxury Brand That’s Also Socially Conscious

September 12, 2017

Meet Behno: The Luxury Brand That’s Also Socially Conscious

We are excited to introduce you to one of our favorite brands, with which we are thrilled to be collaborating: Behno.

Behno is a New York-based ready-to-wear fashion brand that is ethically made in India. Its mission is to redefine and bring sharp awareness to sustainability and ethics to fashion, and to set a new standard for manufacturing for India’s garment trade that revolutionizes the way garment workers and artisans are treated, viewed and employed.

By looking at the luxurious, handmade clothes and bags Behno produces, you would never expect this brand is out to revolutionize the fashion industry – and yet it just might.

Behno was born after Shivam Punjya traveled to India to complete his research on women’s health. While he was there, he saw the most breathtaking hand-made textiles. But he also witnessed the conditions of the workers, mainly women, making these textiles. In many regions, up to 90% of garment factories are powered by women. The majority of these women are making less than $1 a day to produce beautiful hand-spun, hand-woven textiles.

As Shivam was learning more about the “made in India” industry, the Rana Plaza garment factory, in neighboring Bangladesh, collapsed, on April 24th 2013. The tragedy killed 1100 workers, many of them women.

That event made Shivam decide that something needed to change to prevent something similar from happening in India – and Behno was born.

"The working conditions that the fashion industry has previously witnessed in developing countries in terms of garment workers and their rights has been something difficult for me to digest," Shivam said. "Something had to be done and Behno is attempting to address a part of a much more complicated supply chain web."

Behno partnered with a large nonprofit in India, called MSA Ethos, to build a new ethical garment factory model in rural Gujarat. This factory adopts “The Behno Standard” and aims to revolutionize the way garment workers are treated, viewed and employed, in particular by empowering female garment workers.

Behno built an ethical factory by focusing on fair wages, women’s rights, workers’ health, family planning, worker satisfaction and benefits, and eco-consciousness.

"With Behno, we have been trying to change the way that we interact and work with the wonderful garment workers in the back end of the fashion industry. We have The Behno Standard which aims to holistically look at manufacturing and how to positively progress the industry," Shivam said.

Like a true sustainable brand, Behno also promotes slow-fashion. As such, Behno designs in “collections” rather than by seasons, so consumers can buy what they love for the years to come. Each collection has versatile pieces suitable for different weather patterns and a global market.

Ashley Austin, who was mentored by Chris Benz and sold her own collection on MUUSE, is the lead designer. With Behno, Ashley aims to marry her love for textile development with classic menʼs tailoring to create womenswear that is feminine and powerful.


Behno is committed to raising awareness to the craft and character of “made in India” by focusing on high-quality, luxurious and tailored production while providing its garment workers with empowering and safe working conditions.

It’s not by chance that Emma Watson lists Behno among her favorite brands.

Thank you @oneyoungworld! #goal5 #heforshe #equality Black top by @behno_official. behno's mission is to redefine and bring awareness to the craft and character of “made in India”. behno aims to inspire change and improve factory conditions globally to better the quality of life and safety of individuals in the garmenting trade in developing countries. They work in partnership with international factories that adhere to rigid factory compliances. Trousers by @dior #thewomenbehindmydress #artisans #30wears Jewellery by @allbluesofficial a Stockholm based jewellery studio. Every piece is handcrafted in a local, third generation foundry using recycled 925 silver and 18ct gold. All Blues aims to create pieces of jewellery people want to collect and wear for a lifetime, independent of seasonal trends. #ecoloves fashion information in association with @ecoage

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We see all the ingredients for the perfect brand, and we are so happy to offer you a 10% discount on all orders on whenever you use the code behnoxPS.

Happy shopping!

-Elisabetta Silvestro

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