The 3 Best Maternity Clothes Shops in Rome

June 06, 2018

The 3 Best Maternity Clothes Shops in Rome

When you are pregnant, you can wear the clothes you already own during the first months of pregnancy. But when nothing in your wardrobe fits anymore, it might be time for a maternity clothes shopping session! If you are in Rome, we selected 3 shops to make your maternity shopping as easy as possible.

As much as it’s thought that while pregnant you have to sacrifice your style, that is not true if you find the right clothes! If you buy the right items, you will add great pieces to your wardrobe, and might also be able to repurpose some of them after the pregnancy.

Here are the 3 stores where you can do some great maternity shopping without sacrificing your style, comfort or taste.

1. Mammina

Via Appia Nuova, 200, Rome

Maternity Clothing Boutiques in Rome Premaman Mammina

This multibrand maternity clothing store was founded in 1963. Here you can find a wide variety of maternity jeans, pants for every occasion (office, special events, free time), T-shirts, shirts, tops, outerwear, many of which you can keep on using after the pregnancy. Here you can also find the lingerie brand Anita Maternity, one of the best maternity lingerie brands out there.

2. May Dodò

Via G. Ferrari, 26/30, Rome
Via Tomacelli, 128, Rome

Maternity Clothing Shops in Rome May Dodò

This shop was founded in 2003 with the goal of dressing Rome’s future moms for every occasion, from work to special occasions and free time. Here you can find maternity clothes that are feminine, trendy and colorful. They can also be adapted later so you can keep on using them after your pregnancy.

3. Kiabi

Via Andrea Barbato, 31, Rome
Via Enrico Ferri, 43/A, Rome

Maternity Clothing Shops in Rome Kiabi

Kiabi is a French brand of affordable clothes for the entire family. Their maternity line is ideal if you are looking for basic pieces that are also trendy, and don’t want to spend too much on your maternity wardrobe.

If you would like an expert hand to help you update your wardrobe and shop for this important phase of your life, our personal shoppers in Rome will be happy to assist you.

- Jessica Lodigiani

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