Best Shops in London for New Mums (+ Styling Tips)

March 22, 2018

Best Shops in London for New Mums (+ Styling Tips)

Today we are in the city that probably offers the widest range of clothes and styles available globally: London!

We want to dedicate this post to the topic of glamour and style in pregnancy and as a new mum, I will never say this enough: Style doesn’t need to be sacrificed when you are pregnant and even less when you have one or more small children running around the house.

It’s a delicate time in your life, I know. As a new mum your body and your lifestyle change drastically. The good news is that even if your style needs a bit of re-adaptation you can still look glamorous and chic in every circumstance.


Firstly, I have made a short selection of some great brands to shop from and explore in London to feel at your best, empowered and confident yet comfortable to face this new adventure in life.

Best shops in London for new mums

  • My favourite brand during pregnancy is Seraphine in High Street Kensington, also loved by the Duchess of Cambridge.
  • Cos is a brand that works well before, during and after pregnancy thanks to its flattering and soft lines.
  • If you like girly and youthful style English Factory or Urban Bliss are the obvious non obvious choices.
  • Do you like to match your outfit with the one of your daughter? Don’t miss the collections by Martina London.

Martina London matching outfit mother daughter
Rachele Gonzaga in Martina London's mother-daughter dresses.

Style tips for new mums

Secondly, if you are a hands-on mum like me you will probably agree with the following style tips:

  • Rule number 1: shoes have to be comfortable. We are lucky to live in an era when flat shoes and chunky heels are cool and trendy.
  • Yes, white is a bit risky. Patterns hide stains better!
  • Short skirts can be a problem if you are constantly bending running after the little one. Opt for shorts (not too short) or longer skirts.
  • Leggings are for training only but have you tried Calzedonia best seller black jeggings? These are a good compromise between style and comfort.
  • High waist is your best ally right now; pair them with a cropped top to create an harmonic figure.
  • Now it’s a good time to invest in facials and good creams that make you look less tired and more fresh even with 4 hours of sleep.

Books can be written in this, thirdly and lastly, do you still feel you need the ultimate shopping and styling experience focused especially on new mums?

Book a session today with me and feel marvellous every time you choose an outfit! Are you ready for compliments?

Rachele Gonzaga, The personal stylist for mums

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