Focus On: Le4uadre, Made-in-Italy Neoprene and Velvet Bags

January 11, 2018

Focus On: Le4uadre, Made-in-Italy Neoprene and Velvet Bags

Le4uadre is a made-in-Italy brand of neoprene and velvet bags with original and colorful prints inspired by art and architecture.

The brand was born in 2014 in Potenza, in southern Italy, from the creative mind of Damiana Spoto and the pragmatic one of Marineve Valente.

After working as a fashion designer for other brands, Damiana wanted to bring to life her own creations, and after finding in Marineve her ideal business partner, they decided to start Le4uadre.

Le4uadre has the objective of relaunching Italian craftsmanship and made-in-Italy products.

Le4uadre neoprene pochette bag H.24 Jade
The H.24 pochette in the print Jade.

The bags find the perfect mix between practicality and flair. The H. 24 pochette is the quintessential bag to use from day to night: from the morning at the office, to happy hour with friends.

But what really impresses about Le4uadre bags are the prints, which are inspired by Damiana’s Sicilian upbringing, her travels, art and architecture. Le4uadre prints are extraordinary and colorful. You can wear one of the bags with a black t-shirt and jeans to complete your outfit and you’re good to go!

Damiana starts with graphite drawings or photography, then goes on to an exclusive, refined and limited print process.

Le4uadre became well known for its neoprene bags, but the real protagonist for the fall winter 2017/2018 collection is velvet.

Le4uadre Velvet Underground Rock Gold vanity purse velvet bag
The Velvet Underground vanity in the print Rock Gold.

The Velvet Underground collection includes pochettes, handbags and backpacks, all made of velvet, always with unique prints inspired by the Basilicata forests, the streets of Paris, and the dichotomy between sacred and profane.

In the collection presentation Le4uadre says these pieces want induce a feeling of warmth and coziness, like a hug.

Also in this collection, Le4uadre introduces silk scarves. Using an advanced printing method, the scarves have the same high-quality print on both sides.

You can find Le4uadre bags and scarves in selected Italian boutiques or online at E-Italy. You will soon be able to buy also on Le4uadre’s own website.

- Elisabetta Silvestro

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