Giambattista Valli: A Roman’s Romance

July 09, 2017

Giambattista Valli: A Roman’s Romance

Among fashion shows and events, Altaroma intends to be the place to put the proper emphasis on Rome as the creative center for Italian production and style.

This was the focus of yesterday’s debate “Roman’s Romance”, a conversation between Giambattista Valli and Dan Thawley (editor-in-chief of A Magazine Curated By), which took place in the Auditorium of MAXXI, the National Museum of 21st Century Arts.

During the conversation, two videos were shown, the first about the designer’s history and the second, called “My Rome,” was Valli’s tribute to his hometown.

Valli has lived in Paris for the past 20 years, but his production was visibly influenced by the eternal city. Valli defines Rome as a passionate, eclectic city, full of dichotomies, from where he escaped because he wasn’t able to focus on himself.

“When you live in Rome,” he says. “You get used to its beauty, while in Paris I can focus on myself and my point of view.”

Rome gave Valli the opportunity of meeting great artists like Alighiero Boetti and the Fendi sisters, including Silvia, thanks to whom he is here today – and also gifted him with his eclectic style.

In his tribute to Rome, we understand that Valli blends together in his creations cultural, artistic and cinematographic experiences he had in his hometown. Curiosity is his muse. He loves experimentation and risk.

To make it in fashion you need passion, and to have the courage to express your own vision.

Valli’s dream was to found his own fashion maison, and he succeeded at that, even if the news of Artemis (Pinault) buying a stake in the fashion house is very fresh.

We are confident Valli will stay true to his traditions, to his passion for art and freedom of expression that to this day have characterized his work and made him appreciated at home and abroad.

Daniela De Rosa

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