The 3 Best Maternity Clothes Boutiques in Milan

April 12, 2018

The 3 Best Maternity Clothes Boutiques in Milan

Let’s face it: During at least half of the nine months of your pregnancy, it will be impossible to wear your old clothes. You have two options: buying regular clothes a few sizes bigger, possibly from a cheap brand (check out our guide on how to use everyday clothes during pregnancy), or you can invest in some maternity pieces, which are designed with the body of a pregnant woman in mind.

No matter what you decide, here’s what we recommend to everyone: Put away the clothes that don’t fit you anymore (at least for now). They will only make you waste time while getting ready, and make you miss your old body.

If you decide for the second option, we selected the three best boutiques in Milan for maternity clothes, where you can buy great pieces that you will be actually excited to wear.

1. Nicol Caramel

Via San Giovanni sul Muro, 17, Milan

Nicol Caramel Maternity Clothes Boutique Milan

This boutique, founded in 1976, has been one of the first brands to revolutionize maternity clothing. Their idea was to make maternity clothes that follow current fashion trends: pret à maman clothing, as they call it, and make a big variety and styles of clothing so that future moms don’t have to change their own style while pregnant.

The Made-in-Italy clothes are also made to be worn after the pregnancy because of their quality and elegance, and you can also bring them back in for small adjustments.

2. Pietro Brunelli

Via Fiori Chiari, 5, Milan

Pietro Brunelli Maternity Clothes Boutique Milan

Pietro Brunelli Maternity is a pret-a-porter maternity line.

The designer creates a wide range of clothes, from underwear to jeans and eveningwear, to offer expecting women everything they might need during these nine months.

The Milk Bar Milano

Via Conca del naviglio, 5, Milan

Milk Bar Milano Maternity Clothes Boutique

The Milk Bar Milano is a concept store for women who want to mix style and comfort during and after their pregnancy.

Here you can find high-quality maternity clothing and accessories from the best brands for expecting and new moms, as well as for small children.

The store also has a space where it offers courses related to pregnancy, motherhood and infancy. Their method combines physical and mental exercise with art to help parents and children discover their creativity and imagination.

If you don't know where to start and you would like someone to help you organize your wardrobe and decide what to buy for this new adventure, our personal shoppers in Milan can help you with everything you will need!

- Jessica Lodigiani

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