The 3 Shades of Purple to Wear This Spring and How to Choose Them

April 05, 2018

The 3 Shades of Purple to Wear This Spring and How to Choose Them

By Dalahi Ortiz

Among the spring/summer 2018 color trends, purple is undoubtedly the protagonist. Sophisticated and magnetic, the color purple took over the spring runways, not anymore relegated to the winter palette. It’s not a chance that the bright Ultra Violet was nominated color of the year by Pantone, an authority when it comes to color trends. But the shades of purple to wear this spring are at least three. Here is how to choose them based on your personality.

Pink Lavender: Romantic and chic

Pink lavender purple spring summer 2018 trends

Pink Lavender, or Pantone 14-3207, is a shade of purple that we will see in many spring/summer 2018 looks. Not surprisingly, this color reminds of the delicate petals of lavender, which flourish during the summer months. The aromatic purple fields, which can be found between June and September, are a true joy to see and to smell, and will inspire the softest fabrics. Pink Lavender is a light color, perfect for the tranquil and balanced souls. It is also a color that transmits allure and candor, and can be worn daily to bring calm and serenity. Choose it for soft dresses, maxi shirts or casual suits and two pieces. The more neutral shade of this color can also be chosen for more eccentric pieces and asymmetrical cuts. Don’t be afraid of the head-to-toe look: the lightness of this color makes it totally achievable without looking over the top.

Spring Crocus: Individualistic femininity

Spring Crocus spring summer 2018 trends

If Pink Lavender is a good color also for the shy ones, Spring Crocus has a whole other attitude. Pantone 17-3020 likes to get everyone’s attention and is the perfect color for those who like to feel sensual and feminine. This color is great for iridescent and metallic fabrics, but also for more opaque ones and for velvet. Its versatility reflects a kind and extrovert personality, maybe with a touch of exhibitionism. Choose this color for maxi dresses and jackets. Pair it with white, golden and warm-colored accessories.

Ultra Violet: Unconventional allure

Ultra Violet spring summer 2018 trends

Provocative and thoughtful.” That’s how Pantone defined the color of the year 2018, known as Ultra Violet. A definition that is somewhat contradictory and complex. On the one hand purple is a mindful, relaxing, even spiritual hue; on the other, the “Ultra” intensity, magnetic and bright, adds a whole new allure to the color. Ultra Violet is the color for women who are confident, both mentally and physically. Those who wear this color know what they want and how to get it. Choose this color for looks that will turn heads, and pair it with white, dove gray or Lime Punch green. The results will be fantastic.

These are the three shades of purple for spring/summer 2018, to wear and match as your heart desires. Which purple will you choose?

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